I thought of the No Fool Tool  way back in late 2005.  after numerous disasters 2008/2009/2010, attempting to reverse engineer the stock market. I could not find any thing that was working until I noticed Slow Stochastics and applied my theory to Stock Market and ~VIOLA EUEKA~ …  it works, It’s not 100% yet, I am working on it. I suspect it’s a Yen – Yang kind of thing, or more than one formula combination and I discovered only one, so far. The No Fool Tool is unique Bovine risk assessment tool. I had some interesting results with Beta Test 5 [- ended with a very nice profit with no losses]. further research lead to Beta Test 6 – The Goal: “Ride a Stock down 50% and regain to 100% in less than 30 days”. “the tool did it in 4 trades, in 2 weeks” BT6 test results were even more impressive than BT5. [your not going to believe me,  your just got to prove it to yourself, You can use the Sites Free Newsletter “WIN” Will the Market Correct to decided if UOT2 is right for you. It’s not for Day Traders, If your a Swing Trader the tool is a must have. the stock will tell us when to get in and out.

NOTE: use common sense and use normal safety measures, use a stop loss’s to protect your principal or just paper trade UOT2 until you get the hang of this profitable and unusual way of finding, managing and timing trades.  Another word of Caution – LESS is MORE, My results were based on following on 12 stocks and being in only one at a time. all in and watching it like a mother hen watches over her chicks. knowing when to cut your losses and letting your winner run. also – I got in on Mondays and got out on Friday’s always early.

You can not plant corn in winter and expect it to grow…